We All Profit: Ottawa Social Enterprise MarketPlace

WeAllProfit.ca – Launched on November 20, 2016.  Team members Nik, Chad and Stephane stayed on with the project through to launch.

An interactive platform that enables consumers of all types to sources goods and services from Ottawa’s vibrant social enterprise sector

More and more purchasers at the individual, corporate, and public level want to leverage their purchasing dollars for greater social and economic impact. At the same time, Ottawa-based social enterprises are searching for innovative marketing tools to extend their reach and build profile for a growing range of products and services. The Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) knows that the next step is the development of an innovative online marketplace where purchasers and suppliers can connect – one that will generate commerce, build awareness, and grow community impact.

Step One in the development of the Ottawa SE MarketPlace is the creation of a backend database which will house information about individual social enterprises – from social purpose, to products and services offered, to financial data. This database will provide a comprehensive and searchable platform for knowing, documenting, tracking and finding social enterprise suppliers in Ottawa.

Step Two will translate the database information into an interactive platform to enable consumers to browse an online directory to search for specific products and services. The platform will be equipped with multiple search filters so users can easily find a social enterprise (SE) that provides a product or service to meet their needs – with the flexibility to refine each search by social purpose, product/service offering, industry/cluster and sales area. The directory will accommodate all types of commerce – SE2B, SE2C, and SE2SE – and will incorporate unique elements to enhance the platform experience such as video clips, pictures, and social media.