Voice Found – Data Acquisition

Founded in 2011, Voice Found is a national, survivor-led, charitable organization committed to the prevention of child sex abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. Over 90% of youth who are sex trafficked have a history of child sex abuse and we are committed to fighting both threats. In May 2016, Voice Found launched ‘The Hope Found Project’ serving Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Through this project we provide support for persons who have been sex trafficked or wish to exit the sex trade. Since our launch we have provided (and continue to provide) support to over 70 women and girls as they navigate their path to a life free from slavery.

The Challenge:

There is a lack of data available in Canada specific to the intricacies of providing support for persons who have been or are being sex trafficked. The ‘rescue’ of someone from this crime is just the beginning. It takes years and multiple supports for a victim to be in a place where they can live a full, productive and happy life.

We are looking to capture data that will provide us with insight on the following:

  • How much time is spent with a client by activity (ie. Urgent text support, court support, intake, after hours care, driving to appointments, office visits, calls with other agencies, securing safe housing, trouble shooting complex issues on the run…)
  • How many supports are needed by client and for how long
  • The number of agencies/amount of time per client per activity

Data we collect will help us, other agencies, funders and the general public to understand the complexity and time commitment to help each victim. This data can be used to help inform government on the resources required to address the needs of victims of human trafficking. It will provide us with insight as to how we may be able to increase efficiencies and better help victims. This data needs to be collected in a way that is easy for front line workers who are not sitting behind a desk but who mostly use cell phones.