Code My Robot Twitch Integration is not for profit, volunteer run, organization that encourages and empowers youth to try coding for the first time.  To reach as many students as possible we supply school libraries with coding robots at not cost.   The students then have an opportunity to join our online competition that illustrates their coding robot outcomes.

Students range from 12 to 17 and privacy and safety of online use is a major concern.   In addition,  as the competition grows in size our website will overload with video clips.

We would like like to create a solution that will allow any student to upload their video directly from their phone without their personal data being captured.  Secondly, those videos need  to be stored on a different cloud server than the actual website.   Finally we need a solution that will allow thumbnail versions of the hosted on the site,  yet when called up they come from the cloud server.  Also any cool features that can improve the user experience is most welcome.