Spark Path

SparkPath helps students and schools re-imagine career development. Through innovative tools, we empower teachers and guidance counsellors to help students discover their true potential and choose the postsecondary program that will lead them to an extraordinary career.

Students are being asked to answer the question: What do you want to be when you grow up? This question perpetuates the myth that they will be just one thing: one profession or one job title. This is no longer true. What is much more likely is that they will work on several different challenges, problems and opportunities over the course of their lives.

SparkPath addresses this new reality head on by engaging students to ‘flip the model’ of career development: First, choose a problem you want to solve. Next, find companies that are working on this problem. Then, learn about the people who work there, their skills and their paths. Finally, choose an education program based on what you need to know to solve the problem you chose.

To help students look beyond job titles, we have created an innovative tool called the Challenge Cards. This physical product (card deck of 30 cards) is being used in high schools, colleges and universities across the country (including McGill, Queen’s, Waterloo, University of Toronto, etc). In 2019, we want to give all students access to this game changing approach to career development. That is where we need your help. Can you help us build a digital version of our card sort? Would you like to impact hundreds of thousands of students by helping them discover the impact they want to have on the world (instead of picking a boring job title!)? If so, then please join us on our mission.