Global HERizons

Organization description: Global HERizons is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that believes in the power of women to change the world, and provides financial and mentorship support to young women in rural Canada who want to create positive social change at the national and global levels. Women from rural communities have a unique and important perspective, but often face barriers to making the move from a rural context to the global sphere. By accompanying our financial support with guidance, insight and perspective from some of Canada’s successful femaleleaders and changemakers (known as our ‘Mentor Squad’), we provide a springboard for women who may not have the personal networks and connections to the national and global spaces, but who have the knowledge, skills and passion that the world needs to tackle some the most pressing issues facing the planet and its people.

Challenge we want to tackle: With our first round of scholarships awarded and mentorship matches made, we have learned a ton about how to reach young women in rural Canada, and how to help connect these women with women mentors. We are now ready to take this effort to the next level and create a matching platform where young women from rural Canada can come to (1) find information about opportunities to make the global leap, and (2) seek a mentorship match with a women leader who can help her translate her ambition into reality.