Submitting a Project

All ready to go? Submit a project now

The hardest part of a hackathon is defining the project. Getting creative problem solvers to solve a well-defined problem is easy. We’ve put this section together to help you overcome the barriers to getting ready for a hackathon.

The following sections aren’t barriers, just the small steps needed to get it right.

Why you should consider bringing a project forward to the hackathon

Some really great things can happen at a hackathon- some really amazing things have happened at this hackathon.

  1. The process can help you get access to talented and smart creative designers and developers who can help you get your technology project started and maybe even completed.
  2. Did I mention they are smart? These talented and smart creative designers and developers want to help and are willing to give you their valuable time and expertise. Stay connected and you may find you have an on-going network of expertise on-hand.
  3. If after reading this page, this is all a little scary – the organizers are here to help you through the parts of the coordination that may not be your expertise. They’re also pretty smart.

How to determine if a hackathon is right for you, your project and organization

Start here: Crafting a Hackathon Project for Success. We wrote this to help organizations better understand what’s needed to make a good project. It’s a mix of experience and vision, and, by no means intended to be a hard-and-fast rule.

The first step

If you already have a vague sense that this might be a good fit, then all you have to do is reach out to us and Submit your project. It doesn’t need to be final by any means and we will work with you to craft it and get it ready. Let’s start the conversation. After you submit your project, we’ll be in contact with you to have a quick kick-off phone call.

We understand that even identifying and articulating the problem is difficult. We might be able to help with this too – at least, provide some coaching on how to do this.

If you want to learn a little more first, then keep reading.

What to expect as an organizer

Here are some basics responsibilities in participating as project owner.

Next step

If you feel there is a fit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Start by Submitting your project or simply reaching out to us on Twitter or through our Contact form.