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more than 3 months

First steps

There are a few things to do to get up and off the ground. Secure and confirm your venue for the event. Sketch a plan to fund your event (sponsors, in-kind) From a digital readiness point-of-view: Set the date on the website Have a form (or email address) for project submissions (like this SUBMIT A PROJECT)

3 months

Participant Email #1 – Save the date email

This is an email to past participants or a quick tweet. Here are a couple quick examples: RHoK Email #1 April 2018 Some sample text: Happy new year and I hope you’re enjoying the freezetastic weather! Im happy to announce our next instalment of RHoK will be happening April 13, 14, 15. We would love for you to join...

About 3 months out for 6 weeks

Invitations to Submit Projects

This is when the magic starts to happen. This happens mainly on twitter and we count on retweets and favourites. We’ll also reach out to special partners who are gateways to other audiences to either include the call for projects or just to retweet. All requests are directed to: SUBMIT A PROJECT

About 2 months out for 6 weeks (or just before the hackathon)

Outreach for participants

You’ll be using a number of tactics to reach participants: Email past participants (see next step) Lots of tweets

More than 2 Months Out ...as projects come in

Choosing projects

The number of participants is directly related to the number of projects you bring on.  A good rough estimate of is 10-12 people per project. This gives a little buffer for people that don’t show up or can’t stay all weekend.  After that you may find teams split up, but invariably it works out- but...

less than 2 months ... as projects are chosen

Organization Onboarding

Organizations need coaching to get the projects crafted. Here is the on-boarding doc we use: https://docs.google.com/document/d/187Oltq1HRJ6XMxNBVRpvTLovFDICJA-QszA2gvPTNsk/edit?usp=sharing

2 days before

Day 1 Friday, 6pm - 9pm

Hackathon Opening

Project pitches.  Meet with project owners.

Day 2 Saturday, 9am - 11pm

Day After Monday morning