Friday Jun 5 - Sunday Jun 7, Kivuto, 126 York Street, Ottawa

Press Release

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is short event in which a group of people of diverse backgrounds are all working towards a common goal collaborate intensively on software projects.

At RHoK Ottawa, we create solutions for hard problems faced by humanity and humanitarians.

Isn’t “hacking” a bad thing?

Nope! The term's original meaning is to come up with a clever and unconventional solution to a problem. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing!

Who can participate?

Strategists, Teachers, Taxi Drivers, Developers, Fork Lift Operators, Politicians, Designers, Project Managers, Humourists… You get the point? As long as you’re passionate about solving problems, you’re welcome to join in the “hacking”!

Okay, I’m interested… what next?

Our 4th annual event is coming up June 5-7. Register now on our Eventbrite page!

Projects we'll be working on.

ExMNA is a volunteer-run, non-profit based out of Washington, DC with Ottawa representatives. It's a safe-space community for people who have left the faith of Islam. Most members share a background of taboo around the idea of apostasy and find this to be a place where they can explore secular viewpoints with people who share a similar context. Members of this community are active online and have regular local meetups in different cities across Canada and US. The screening process is rigorous and privacy is of utmost importance. Technology advancement would aid the organization considerably in the screening process.


The Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) strives to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa region. They run leagues and tournaments, and operate the world’s first multi-field facility designed specifically for Ultimate. They currently have over 4000 members, and the summer league is among the largest in the world! Running weekend tournaments has a mix of on-line and on-site technology needs including displaying where games are, collecting scores, displaying tournament status and making the whole experience easy and fun.


The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada (CNAC) is a network of organizations and individuals who are working to connect children to nature through education, advocacy, programming, policy, research, and the built environment. Their vision is that all children and families in Canada are connected with nature and the outdoors in order to enhance their health and wellbeing. Amongst many topics, CNAC endeavours to bring forward understanding and conversation around assessing risk and risky play – for children, parents and educators.


Compass is a unique alternative to high school that empowers teenagers, with guidance from their families and adult mentors, to direct their own education. “Learning is natural, school is optional” is the slogan of the model that inspired its beginnings. The approach draws upon the intrinsic motivation of our teen “members” whereby teens create a customized education based on their interests, abilities, and goals.

Ottawa Riverkeeper

Ottawa Riverkeeper brings together volunteers, communities, businesses and all levels of government to find solutions to the problems that threaten the health of our river. For Ottawa Riverkeeper, as is the case for any community, engagement and action begins and ends with knowing the constituency. It’s no secret that Ottawa loves its river. The challenge this group faces is the ability to effectively organize for action when change is needed.

VoteSavvy/Carleton's School of Public Administration

The Vote Savvy team has paired with researchers at Carleton University's School of Public Policy Administration and the University of Oxford's Internet Institute with the aim of making it easy for youth to get informed about the political issues that matter to them. Their online survey tool will run during the 2015 federal election and be disseminated through social media and on campuses across Canada. The tool will provide valuable insights to researchers and communication strategists aiming to encourage youth political engagement. Moreover, the tool will allow participants to navigate the sea of political information available online through personalized clips and links upon completion of the survey.

Some RHOK Ottawa projects from 2014.

Ladies Learning Code

Income Generating Job Board

logo ladies learning code

Working with Ladies Learning Code (LLC), a non-profit that hosts workshops that teaches women programing and other technical skills, we built a job board for past event participants. The project was a true success and LLC still using it today!
Check it what it looks like here:
The source code is freely available for anyone else to use here:

Amnesty International

Data Driven Petition Application


Petitions are a great tactic, but there's some crucial functionality - and fun - lost in the switch from paper to digital. The Petition App will help activists search existing e-petitions, create new petitions, collect signatures, and submit petitions to Amnesty International. More information is about the project is available here


User Generated Debate Platform


We also worked with Oxfam Canada, helping them develop a concept (Up for Debate) that was launched later that year: Synopsis of the project: women in Canada have questions and Up for Debate challenges Canada’s political leaders to answer them. Help build a Canada that makes women's lives better in Canada and around the world:


Friday, June 5th

Time Friday, June 5th
7:00pm Event begins: snacks and drinks to be served
7:30pm Project Pitches
8:15pm Bluemix information
8:30pm Socializing and meeting potential team mates
9:00pm Lounge closes for the evening

Saturday, June 6th

Time Saturday, June 6th
9:30am Coffee and breakfast served
12:00pm Lunch
6:00pm Dinner
9:30pm Venue closed for the night

Sunday, June 7th

Time Sunday, June 7th
9:30am Breakfast and coffee served
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Final presentations
2:30pm Hackathon ends

Thank you everyone!

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